Five Card Story: Greek Adventures

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While Anna was booking her tickets to Greece, she was so happy that she could finally go. Even when the ticket was 1,200 dollars, she didn't care. She was in love with Greek mythology and wanted to see the Temple of Zeus in Olympia. Some of her favorite Greek gods were Zeus, Athena, Poseidon, and Aphrodite. She loved the way writers made them sound in books. Of course, she knew they weren't real. But, Anna loved Greece and it's culture, that she couldn't help but look into the history. When she looked into the history of the Greek culture, she found out about the Greek gods and she couldn't help but get attached to the culture.

The next week, when she was on the plane to take off. She was so ecstatic, she tried to calm herself down so she wouldn't get kicked off the plane. The plane ride was 16 hours long, to get to Athens. When Anna arrived, she wanted to do everything immediately. But, she knew that she should go to her hotel first. She grabbed her bag and started walking to her hotel. It wasn't far and the streets were lit constantly, she had a feeling she would be okay. Once Anna got to the hotel, she was so exhausted from the plane ride, she didn't notice the beautiful scenery in the distance.

The next day, she woke up at 10 am. 2 hours after she planned to. She quickly got dressed and went onto the streets of Athens. It was gorgeous and she went to get breakfast first. When she was done eating, at 11:30. She was walking down an alley, which had blue walls. She found a rose sitting on the sidewalk, she probably shouldn't have taken it put she did anyways. It could've been for someone special to another person. She put the rose into her bag and went to go get lunch. It was about nearly 2:15 pm. She went to a popular restaurant in the area.

After eating, she went to a park and it was getting darker. There was a lot of people around and she was confused. Anna didn't know why so many people were in one place, at the same time. Then she heard a bang. She quickly turned her attention to the trees in front of her, she thought it was a gun. But, they were fireworks, in front of the moon that was shining in the sky. It made it look white, since Anna loved to do photography in her free time. She grabbed the camera that was hanging around her neck and when the next firework was shot. She took a picture when it focused, she missed it a few times, but finally got the perfect one.

When she arrived to her hotel, she finally noticed the scenery. This morning she was too rushed to get to the streets, that she didn't bother to look. Anna looked down to the waves and thought about her going swimming tomorrow. She sat on the porch of her hotel balcony and watched the stars. Anna decided she wanted to take another picture of the sky and the ocean together. Since the ocean looked like a mix of light and dark blue. Her camera, ran out of film. She decided to just go to sleep and try again the next day.

Anna woke up at about 7 am. She didn't rush this morning like yesterday. She was watching Netflix on her phone for a while, then she soon got bored. She wanted to stay on the couch and sleep but she also wanted to go out and explore more before she had to leave in a few days. Anna finally went to the Temple of Zeus. She took pictures with her phone since she didn't think her film would run out on her camera. It left her mind that she should've checked or at least brought more of it. She wanted to go to more temples but, she got side tracked by beautiful flowers she noticed in the park where the fireworks were.

Anna gently held it in her hand and examined it. It was a blue flower with a tiny glint of pink in it. She didn't know any flower like this existed. It was so beautiful that she took it back to her hotel with her. She couldn't believe that she souvenirs that she didn't pay for, yet they were so amazingly gorgeous. She put the flower in the fridge to keep it cool so it wouldn't die while she was asleep in her bed.

Anna went to go get the flower when she woke up. She bought camera film yesterday and put it back into the camera this morning. She placed the flower lightly onto an empty bush in the park. She took a picture of it in the morning light and made sure that it was perfect. The last place she decided to visit before she left was the museum. One picture caught her eye. An elegant rose was painted in front of a white bricked wall. While walking around, she realized she never wanted to leave. But, she knew that she had a life back in Canada. That was where she had her family, her job, and her entire childhood was spent there. She couldn't just abandon it for a country she barely knew.

When she got on her plane and was looking at the scenery from the window. She felt enthusiastic all over again, as if she was going to a new country. Yet, she knew she was heading home. She had a husband and 2 children. They knew she needed a break from work, they let her go alone because they trust her. They love her enough to let her travel on her own when she needed. She arrived home and kept that blue and pink flower the entire time. Anna kept it on her dining table till it decided to leave even when it was being taken care of. After that, Anna went to Greece again, but she brought her whole family this time. Yes, it was a lot of money but she was positive she wanted to bring them where ever they wanted. They meant the life to her and she wouldn't leave them alone ever again

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