Five Card Story: The Stray Cat

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a Five Card Flickr story by Owen M created Feb 13 2020, 09:19:07 pm. Create a new one!

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There once was a kid names John in a small town. John was a quite kid with not many friends. It was a cold fall evening and all the leaves were changing colors. John was on his way home from school when he met a little grey cat. John said "hey little guy, what's your name". John looked at the cat and realized it had no collar on. John said "i'm gonna name you Fred". Fred seemed to like John and followed him around on his walk home. John has a pretty long walk to his house and along the way he always passes through this park that almost seems abandoned. He had never seen anyone there, no one with their dog, not even families going to play with a ball or something. Today was different though john noticed a guy by a tree. Of course John who doesnt have much friends decided to go and talk to him. John and Fred walked over to the tree but as they got close he noticed something weird. The guy he once saw was gone and there was an empty bottle laying on the ground. John picked up up the bottle and opened it. It let out a awful stench where his first instict was to throw the retched thing. He threw it as hard as he could into the nearby trees. John was a little weirded out by that but he was happy cause he had his new friend Fred with him. John continued his walk home with Fred where they passed by this bin of some sort. John never really knew what it was but it was filled with some wire and it seemed like things were burned in there. Fred seemed quite interested in this bin but John just kept walking. Fred not wanting to get left behind hurried to catch up with John. By now they are nearing Johns house just past the hospital with the bridge that connected the two buildings together. They hurried on under neath it to make sure they were home for dinner. John's mom hated when he was late for dinner. Around the corner john sees his house with his mom standing in the window smiling at him. John and Fred walk up the steps to his house were John must say goodbye to his new friend. Just as he is about to do that his mom opens the door and says "whos this little guy". John goes on to say hes a stray i named Fred. Johns mom goes on to say "well we cant leave him outside it's way too cold". They bring Fred in where they enjoy a nice dinner and Fred is welcomed to the family. The End.

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