Five Card Story: The Gig

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a Five Card Flickr story by Morgan created Feb 13 2020, 09:22:00 pm. Create a new one!

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I walk towards the staircase, running up the steps two at a time with a very annoyed friend in tow. once we get to the right floor i open the door letting them go first. "Wait here, i'll be right back," i say as i walk through another door. inside the door is a desk with a short hallway leading to a frosted glass door. the lady behind the desk smiles kindly once she sees me and states "You can go right in he's not busy right now." i just nod and head down the hallway, through the door. "hey dad! i just wanted to stop by to let you know i have a gig tonight. We're playing at the fair in town if you had time you could stop by?" I ask knowing that he's busy most of the time."you know i would love to but you know how work can get some days. if i have time ill try," he replies. i can't say im too surprised by he's answer but it's nice to know he wants to come even if he can't. with a quick goodbye im out the door and back down the stairs with my friend in tow. once were out of the building we start running down the street watching all the tall buildings go past us. after a few twist and turns the sound of music fills the air and i know were close. "c'mon we're going to be late," i get out between breaths. "i know, i know" my friends answers. we make it to the fair just in time to here them call us up on stage. i pull out my guitar from the case ive been carrying and quickly do some last minute tuning. i usually play solo but this time its a duet. me playing the guitar and singing a bit, my friend being the main vocals. a few songs in and there;s quiet the crowd in front of us now but unfortunately for them we onlt have ne song left and dad still hasn't showed up. it's soft and sweet compared to the rest. not many stay for the whole song but those who do really enjoy it. after we're done i pack up and drag my friend around me through the fair. looking around, laughing, talking and playing a few of the games. of course neither of us win and its getting late. mt friend walks me back to the urban part of the city where my house is. we stand out side the old wooden gate and i gaze at the house. i don't want to go in yet so i stand with them a little longer before i hug them tightly. "thank you for the day today. i'll see you tomorrow?" i question. they smile and respond "of course you will and youre welcome"

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