Five Card Story: My Pot Of Gold

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a Five Card Flickr story by Meadow Kitko created Mar 23 2020, 09:11:36 pm. Create a new one!

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Aria is a 17 year old girl who lives in New York city. Her father died when she was 14. Aria has been struggling a lot lately without her father. She decides to go to her fathers grave and visit him. While she is there she tells her father about what she is going through. She doesn't know where she fits in anymore. Her father always seemed like he had a secret and would always tell Aria when she would ask, " One day it will be yours, my love." That always confused Aria so much. Aria and her father always shared a love for cooking and would always enjoy doing it together. As she looked up from her fathers grave she saw the most beautiful rainbow. She decided to follow it and see if she could find the end of it like people always talk about. Aria walked for what seemed like miles and miles. When she finally came upon this old beat up storage locker. Aria was puzzled as to why a storage locker stood alone in the middle of nowhere. There was a lock on the handle. Aria remembered that her dad had given her a key on a chain that she never took off. Her dad had a matching one that she looked for but never could locate it. She realized she had nothing to loose so she pulled out the key. She lined it up with the keyhole, pushed it and turned it. Aria was astonished when the key worked and the door was unlocked. Aria didn't know what to do, she didn't know what would be behind the door. After much belaboring she finally decided to look behind the heavy grey door. As Aria pushed open the door the light flooded the locker. Dust flew everywhere and caused her to sneeze. She took a few careful steps forward. She came across a pedestal with the most beautiful embroidered cloth box she had ever seen. She hesitated a slight minute before gently removing the lid of the box. When she peered into the box she found 3 things, the first thing was a note addressed to her it read, "My dearest Aria This was my big secret. I always told you, you would find out one day. I guess today is that day. Inside this box is a key with an address attached to it and 15,000 dollars for you to do whatever you choose to do with it. Find the address and make me proud. I believe in you. -Love, Dad." Aria began to sob as she red the note her father left her. As tears were streaming down her face she grabbed the contents of the box and ran to find this address. She finally found the address after hours of searching. When she finally arrived she looked up and saw the most beautiful restaurant she had ever seen. It was the exact restaurant she and her father had drawn when she was 8, she couldn't believe her eyes her dream was coming true. She squinted past her tears to see the sign read Big Secret. Aria broke down in the middle of the sidewalk. She could barely stand. She could not believe it. That rainbow she followed, just for what she thought would be fun turned into this. She couldn't believe all those years her father had been working on this place.

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