Five Card Story: How spiderman really got his name

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Dwayne and Casey had a nephew named Peter. They decided to spend their autumn break on the bank of Lake Tahoe, they rented an old cheap house for the week. They were very excited because they had never visited the state of Nevada, and Dwayne and Casey liked lakes. ‘Oh, it’s going to be such a good holiday after your award winning film” said Casey as they hugged each other in their living room which had yellow walls (picture 5) Straight after arriving home from school Peter and his aunt and uncle made the journey to the Lake. It was late afternoon when they arrived at their rented house. Peter was so excited he decided to explore the Lake, he stood on top of a boulder and beside a tree and looked at the Lake (picture 1). His Aunt and Uncle started walking along the edge of the lake. Sneakingly behind Peter came a spider (picture 4)and bit his leg and then spider venom changed his DNA and he felt like he was going to have a spazm. He ran back into the house and locked his bedroom door and shut the curtains (picture 3). After about 2 hours of screaming in agonizing pain he woke up as a spider and lost control of his body and he was given the name Spidezilla because how massive he was and the legend that they have been saying around Lake Tahoe. One night he went completely out of control and caused a catastrophic event that would leave the world in pieces so he pulled the atmosphere causing the sky not to be blue but to be black (picture 5)

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