Five Card Story: The Strange And Charming Night Of My Life

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Exposition: I woke up this morning very happy and very excited for tonight. Now I'm in my favorite store called "Eternity Fashion" finding the perfect dress for tonight.

Rising Action: It's 7:00 pm my boyfriend Rick and I are having a glass of wine at the bar where we first met. I think he would propose to me tonight.

Climax: He is telling me that I'm the most beautiful, sweeties and intelligent woman he has met, I'm so in love with this man, OMG now he is on his knee and then he said "I'm sorry Abby" I yelled, "I DO, WAIT, WHAT?" I'm confused but then he says "I'm sorry Abby, I'm GAY" I couldn't say anything I slap at him instead. I don't feel butterflies on my stomach anymore, now I feel ugly flies on it.

Falling action: My heart is so broken, I call my best friend Adrian to pick me up. He is a police officer, a nice guy I hope I can find somebody like him. We are in my apartment talking about what happened with Rick, and then he kissed me and kiss him back.

Resolution: I been dating Adrian for 1 year. I know him since 7th grade. I love him. Our wedding is tomorrow. We would celebrate the party at the house we bought in San Francisco, CA. I'm happier than ever.

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