Five Card Story: A very not so fun day of horrors that no child should ever face

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Cesar and Jeff were bored. Standing by the lake and feeding seagulls was no proper activity for two adventurers such as themselves. They went to the pumpkin patch owned by Adrina's family. She worked there on Saturdays, and, sure enough, they found her there dancing amidst the pumpkins. "You want an adventure?" Adrina impishly asked. Then I double dare you to go to an old house in Tompkins' Woods and spend the night there! "You don't even need to double dare us", Cesar replied. "We would go on a single dare - that's how brave we are!" They crossed the Big Sandy River on the Ehrlingmeier Bridge, and boldly pranced into the woods. After emerging from a dense thicket, they saw the old iron door of the house. They furtively glanced at each other. "You go first", they both said at once. It was getting dark by this time, and both boys agreed that their adventure would have to wait another day. Cesar was having spaghetti and Jeff was having chicken pot pie for supper. It would be rude to keep their families waiting for dinner, so they retraced their steps and went home. "Dang it", snarled the werewolf from within the darkened house. "Adrina promised me a delicious snack this evening!"

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