Five Card Story: An unusual adventure.

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Not a long time ago, at the city of London, Bob and Mike, who were best friends since the school, decided to ride their bikes like a normal weekend, however, they were not going to believe what they lived.

They met at the Greenwich Park as usual. "let's change our route" Mike told Bold, he accepted and followed Mike util they stopped in an enormous grassland very far away from the city, they were not used to cycling on the countryside so Bob was extremely worried due to the fact that they couldn't see the city and the sunset was so close. When the night had arrived, they found a grungy motel near to a lake, obviously they decided to sleep there in spite of the appearance.

Never before had they slept out, as a consequence, Bob couldn't sleep during the night. Suddenly he listened a strange sound as well as a bark, a dog was very nervous looking to the lake, Mike was awakened by him, consequently, they agreed to go down the stairs and investigate what happened.

On the riverbank of the lake, they saw footprints drawn on the sand. Whatever it had been, it was considerably bigger than one of ahuman. Bob started to scream out loud when the owner of the footprints rose up from the water.

Surprisingly, it was Nessy, the most famous legend in the whole country. They rode so much that they arrived to Scotland. In addition, they fortunately saw a creature that not everybody can show off.

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