Five Card Story: I THOUGHT is was career day!

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For his entire life (a whole 7 years), little Jim Beam wanted to be an accountant, just like his dad. When he heard that his school was hosting Career Day, he couldn't contain his excitement. He borrowed his dad's best "accountant tie" and begged his mom to purchase a fake mustache from Amazon. Although the tie hung far below his waist and the mustache scratched his face, he wore them both with pride. On his walk to school he noticed that his favorite playground was now a construction zone. There were no more trees or a basketball court. All he saw was dirt and orange cones. But, he was still excited about Career Day, and so, he ventured on! Next, he noticed that the bus depot was full; it was typically empty during his walk to school, but he continued on. His anticipation about Career Day made the walk seem like forever, but he finally arrived. No one was there. The parking lot was empty and the inside was dark. He was so confused by all of this, so headed to a nearby park to think. He sat on a wooden bench. His head hung lower and lower by the minute. A young couple walking their dog stopped near Jim Beam and asked, "is everything ok?" He explained about Career Day and the school being abandoned. The couple laughed hysterically. They explained that it was Memorial Day and that schools were closed. One of them worked in the math department at Jim's school and shared that Career Day was actually tomorrow. He thanked them for the information and explored the park for most of the day in his accountant clothes. He made it home before the sun went down so that he could share his adventure with his family. Then, he picked out a new tie and combed his fake mustache so that he could do it all again tomorrow.

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