Five Card Story: All That's Left

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Cowardice- A lack of bravery
ex. Hailey Ayia Johansen is a coward.
I knew that's what everyone thought of me. Everyone behind that door at least. That's why I ran for the woods. I couldn't deal with my shame. I couldn't walk through that door and deal with everyone's judgmental stares. I was the girl who froze in fear as her mother was being killed. I deserved the stares and judgement, but I was to much of a baby to take what I deserved. Yet, I had the guts to run for the woods with nothing but my cat. I'm just the smartest person ever. I basically killed myself by running for the woods in the middle of winter, and not to mention the self inflicted pain from the hypothermia. My brain began to replay all the bad memories. The house where I saw my mother killed, the motel where my dad was shot. They were great memories to see before I died. Now that I'm dead I am the coward who watched her mom get killed and then ditched the funeral and died in the woods. Its just such a great title, right? Anyways, this is my last dairy entry from limbo, I'm being moved soon.
Bye for now,

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