Five Card Story: The circle of life

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At the beginning of everyone's life you start alone, knowing nothing but the road ahead of you. Although there are family and friends and family helping you along the way there is only one you. As you get older, other people start to influence your life and you see changes in yourself that maybe you wouldn't have thought to happen but when around the right people can be a good thing. You meet a woman and start to fall in love. You didn't know it when you two first met but this woman will soon be your soulmate. You feel so comfortable with this person and see yourself being with them for the rest of your life. You have a child and now you have your own family. The one you always used to think about. The family you used to see in movies and wished you were as happy as them. You love your child and would do anything for them. You show them the ways of life. You teach them how to not make the same mistakes you made their age. As you grow older you start to notice that this is the only life you have to live. you need to cherish every moment you have with your family and friends. 1 time to make things right and 1 time to live. This is the only life you have to live, every day you must work to make your life better because no one knows what comes after it.

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