Five Card Story: A Day of a Wanderer

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It was a sunny day in Morocco. Amara wanted to experience a different vibe from her hometown in Italy. She flew a short flight from her home to the destination.
When she was picking up the luggage, she was overwhelmed by how intricate their language and how it is written. She thought of how difficult it was for the Moroccans to understand a single word and write a single character of their native language. But she didn’t mind because majority of the local also speak English since Casablanca was one of the tourist destinations to look forward in traveling.
A taxi stopped by the driveway, she quickly hopped in and asked to go to the Modern World Library.
During her calming trip to the centre of Casablanca, she observed how dry the place looked like. Also, there are some camels that roam around the deserted areas of the region. She felt sick on the way locals rode on the long-necked animal. It was normal to people, but she refused to agree. She paid twenty Moroccan Dirhams to the driver and left the change to give satisfaction for the driver who rode a calming drive for her. She walked a few steps forward and the archaic, medieval look of the library shone to her sight.
There is an elegant pile of books that caught her interest. She picked one and it showed a political-themed literature of how politics happen in Morocco. She is not interested to read some serious affairs, so she picked another one. It brought a novel called “Eat, Pray Love” written by Elizabeth Gilbert which was translated in Arabic. She read that before and loved it, due to its themes of travel while reconciling life and love.
After an hour, she left the library and looked on the urban surroundings. The bar with glimmering lights caught her interest – especially the poster of a margarita that quenched her imaginary thirst. The music was surprising to the woman due to the aesthetic vibes of the shop. It plays hip-hop instead of some jazz. But she thought it was a lucky charm to the business. She ordered a margarita and sat on a comfortable stool which sits in front of a large counter that placed a lot of expensive and cheap but both delicious liquor.
A call startled her lounging. She picked it up and her friend Hassan informed her that the hotel is ready enough to stay in. She contacted him to guide her in the different places she wanted to go around five days of wandering. She said words of thankfulness and hanged up.
Since the palace was near the bar, she walked after relaxing in the old yet modern bar. The palace she has gone to was unknown to the locals because it was surrounded by urbanized infrastructure and routes. But it became a tourist spot that milked some money for their economy. It was renovated to achieve the rustic and signature Moroccan look. She took some pictures to bring memories back
After a tiring day of travel, she rode again to the hotel she is about to stay in. Hassan was waiting there to accompany her. The night lights brought life in Casablanca.

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