Five Card Story: Life is an endless story

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Sigmund Freud was an Austrian neurologist and the founder of psychoanalysis but his life didn't started successful as we thought it was. He was born in Freiburg in Moravia in May 6, 1856, struggling in a poor state life style. He believes that even all he can see when he was a kid was a dark pathway, there will be a light in the end of his journey. Like a flower, he don't worry about how he is going to bloom. He just opened up and turned toward the lights that made him beautiful. There is something in him that makes him unique and special, he was an exceptionally gifted child and an excellent student that attended medical school in Vienna and became involved in neuron psychology research. He studied in Paris with some of the most prominent psychologists of that time. He did all his best to participate and influence others by sharing his great mind and perspective in life.

As time passed, He became more successful and reached a lot of life achievements like the interpretation of dreams, psychopathology of everyday life, the ego and the id, and more. He also became a famous philosopher that everyone looks up to him and made him an inspiration. As he gets more known in the society, step by step he experience and learn more a lot of things. It proves that learning is an unending process whether you are in top or in the bottom of life.

Unfortunately, Sigmund Freud died in September 23, 1939 of his friend and physician Max Schur's lethal dose of morphine at his request. Freud was having a tumor in her eye socket and jaw, causing extreme pain. But just like a road and a sunset, it can relate to life is an endless story. He only died physically, but the inspiration and the lesson he have contributed to the world is still alive and on-going. Even today in 20's, people always remember and believe in his philosophies especially in their life experiences.

As you can see in the pictures, I chose the images that are mostly cool tone and has pathways. It reminds me of how Sigmund started from nothing that proved to us that everyone of us has unique characteristic that we must be proud of, and all we must do is to believe and do our best to bloom and grow as a person. Learning is always unlimited and being an inspiration to others is the best achievement we can get in life.

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