Five Card Story: Faith

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The Augustine`s journey was challenging and interesting at the same time. 13, November 354 AD, St. Augustine [Aurelius Augustinus] was born in Tagaste with an extraordinary intelligence of ecclesiastical politics. He is one of the important Theologian in Christian History, a philosopher and also known as The Patron Saint of Brewers. Augustine live without knowing that God exists. He defied Christianity because of pleasures but soon he realized that he needs God and finally sought Christian baptism. He fully accepted God`s calling, acknowledge the importance of faith and value his relationship with God.

During his position as the Bishop of Hippo, he encountered different controversies. He engaged in Manichaeism, Donatism, and Pelagianism but the most memorable events was Augustine`s victory against Felix during the conference because the Bible itself had made him idealism, divine illumination and understanding of faith. Augustine`s realization came from his favourite verse Isiah 7:9 "If you do not believe then you will not understand.

"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of faith is to see what you believe."

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