Five Card Story: Social networking effect

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Introduction (pic 1):Whether many realize it or not, the power in networking and engaging in conversations with people you might not know no matter what they look like can be beneficial for you in the long run.

(Pic 2): It is important that we all take into account that it doesn't matter what anyone looks like, you could be taking to a head boss of billion dollar corporate business and they might not even seem to be a boss.Always have an open mindset like a sunset.

(Pic 3): Just like a sunset,we never know what colors to expect in the sky when we look up.Just like when you are networking, you never know who you will come across so always treat everyone equal.

Counterargument(Pic 4):However, it is also noticed how the way you come across when you meet someone with unexpected standards that aren't ,met to your expectations, in some cases those people are treated as if they are less. Not acknowledging that it doesn't matter what the person looks like, you can always come across someone who can hand you a great opportunity. Life is short, so one must always keep an open mindset.

Conclusion(pic 5): All in all, it's a good thing to be aware of the skills and opportunities that you can come across when networking.It's important to have basic skills of communication and maintaining an open mindset.You can create conversations that can get your foot in the door.Leading you to where your career takes off next.your future awaits.

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