Five Card Story: Caffeine is a dual edged sword

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Picture 1: A normal way for people today to start their day is with a cup of coffee that gives them that early morning energy boost.

Picture 2: With this increased energy they are more attentive and can get their job done at an even quicker rate.

Picture 3: Getting all their work done in a day will earn them the money that they were promised and with their productivity up, their boss may see this and give them a raise which will give them many more options to give to their families or if they wanted to start a family.

Picture 4 (Counterargument): With all of this energy and how easily it is to obtain it could make people rely on it for their normal day. They wont be able to function without their coffee. If they don't have their coffee they wont be as attentive and their work could get sloppy, which would start their downfall and change their happy green appearance and work ethic to a more dull and boring brown appearance and eventually fall off and wither.

Picture 5 (Conclusion): Many people do rely on their early morning coffee, especially more prominent business people, with this comes a difficult balance. Having a cup of coffee every day is not a bad thing, but relying on it in the morning to get through is where the addiction starts. Since you'll be drinking it more and more, when you stop having it for a while you'll get the jitters and be wanting it just to calm down. So having a cup of coffee every once in a while is fine and will give you a boost when you need it, but when you rely on it to get your work done and be normal that's when it gets dangerous

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