Five Card Story: Life of a dreamer

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There was a man who visioned himself as a public influencer and as an inspirational speaker for others. He went to study in school and in library where he would read every book related to his dreams. Later on he found himself fighting for his dreams and believing in himself which motivated him more to pursue his dream career. In the process of studying, he met a lot of friends and even met a lover who broke his heart for a while. The man always gave her flowers, until one day, the one he likes refuses the flowers he gave which led him carrying it on his way home, he was devastated and felt anxious because of how the girl he likes responded to him. He moved on and focused more on his goals which is to become an public intellectual that influences others. He had his first book but it received cold response to the public. Fortunately, his second publication, he found his audience and had his book a best selling at the bookstore. He even had his own book signing event at the library where he used to read books a lot and he also guest in different places where he would discuss topics that inspired a his audience. Looking back, he had successfully fulfilled his dream career.

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