Five Card Story: Our Path

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a Five Card Flickr story by Biancake created Sep 28 2020, 04:20:36 am. Create a new one!

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These 5 pictures shows that sometimes in life we experienced down fall like the tree in the pictures even though it doesn't have leaves, empty and even though it seems like losing hope to be alive again but still the tree stand still no matter what. Just like in life I always experienced downfall but still I always choose to stand still. Because I know that God, my love once, family and friends is always got my back to support me and cheer me up. Just like like a girl being happy with her family in the picture shows that no matter what downfalls I may experienced in life I know that they are the one I can lean on. That's why I keep going like the path in the pictures that even life is hard and full of trials keep going because I know that there is someone believes in me. And I know that in everything there is a hope just like in the picture of sky and clouds it shows that those hopes is coming from him our God. That's why our new begging starts when we decide to keep going. Because I believe that there are lots of opportunities will come to us just like the flowers/plant in the picture shows that we have many opportunities in life but we should wait for the right season of our lives when we will grow and bloom. Just like the plant, it wait its season to grow. And when the time comes where all the opportunities is in front of us, we will be able to choose what door we open in life. Life is full of opportunities and struggles but we are the one who make what path that we will follow. We may have different paths but we should make sure that in the end we win and be successful in life.

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