Five Card Story: Life Experiences which shaped my life philosophy

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The first image represents footsteps in the cold - the cold atmosphere of winter may cause one to feel bleakness and vulnerability - symbolizes how I believe life still goes on no matter what happens - time does not stop for you. I've been through a fair share of mental health and personal issues in the past, and somehow there's this part of me that pushed me to keep going no matter how hopeless things may seem.

The second picture shows a window pane with blinds partly opened, and symbolizes how I believe one must try not to be too
comfortable with what they believe is the truth, and strive to keep their eyes - or options - open to change, since you'll never know what good you might miss out on by sticking too much with what you believe in. I've had my fair share of experiences with people who take who I seem to be at face value, and stick with their often-incorrect judgments of who I truly am as a person.

The third picture shows a flower - a symbol of honor. Though this may sound hypocritical - it probably is - I tend to dislike people who are disingenuous. I hate how people get away with 'shortcuts' and manipulation in order to gain status and popularity. I acknowledge that I have had many missteps in life before, but I try to own up to whatever consequences my actions may bring.

The fourth picture shows flowers again - in a yard. The flowers blooming in a yard shows that someone diligently cares for the flowers. Relationships are like flowers in the way they require maintenance, care and love in order for them to work. People, even parents, sometimes forget that care is required in order for their relationships to flourish. We may fall into the trap of being forceful with someone, with the intent of showing care for them - which is ironic since the act of caring requires putting effort into trying to avoid causing damage or harm.

The fifth picture shows someone biking. Biking is much like life, it requires effort to maintain balance, the surfaces you run into may be difficult to ride comfortably on, and there's always the possibility of falling - of failing to maintain balance. Again, I've had quite a rocky path to life even this early, but I kept pulling through - the mere act of trying to survive these missteps and learning from them is quite the test of resilience and character.

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