Five Card Story: Motivated by Life-Struggles

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Immanuel Kant

Immanuel Kant had proudly declared that while his parents did not leave him money, they did not leave him any debt either; but prepared him for the world. From 1732 to 1740, living under harsh discipline and very little freedom, Immanuel led a near regimental life. Six days a week, he had to walk miles to attend school at 7 AM. Again at 4 PM, he walked back home only to have a huge amount of homework waiting to be finished. Sundays were no better for on those days, he had to attend church and then go for his catechetical exercises. Life became even worse after his mother died in 1737. It is no wonder that Kant did not consider his school years to be the best.
Immanuel had the highest regard for his parents, who were initially quite affluent. Later they lost much of their wealth but were never in debt. Belonging to the Protestant sect of Pietists, they stressed on devotion and humility, concurrently providing a warm and supportive environment that helped him to grow self-confidence. From his parents, Immanuel also learned the importance of hard work, honesty, and independence, and the value of money.

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