Five Card Story: David Humes

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First, David Humes was a Scottish philosopher, historian, economist, and essayist known especially for his philosophical empiricism and skepticism. He entered Edinburgh University when he was about 12 years old and left it at 14, He studied law (in the family tradition on both sides). The second story, because of the intensity and excitement of his intellectual discovery, he had a nervous breakdown in 1729, from which it took him a few years to recover. In the third story, He returned to England in 1737, to set and published the Treatise. Books I and II were published in two volumes in 1739; Book III appeared the following year. Because of the poor reception of the treatise, which is his first and very ambitious work it depressed him. The fourth story was Hume conceived the philosophy as the inductive, experimental science of human nature. Hume tried to describe how the mind works in acquiring what is called knowledge. He concluded that no theory of reality is possible; there can be no knowledge of anything beyond experience. and lastly, In 1775, Hume was diagnosed with intestinal cancer and before his death in 1776, he arranged for the late publication of his most controversial work, the Dialogues concerning Natural Religion, and composed a brief autobiography, "My Own Life"

The life of David Humes influenced my philosophy in a way that no matter how hard life is, we must not give up. And whatever things that make us happy as long as we don't step on others let us continue doing that and don't mind those people who talk a lot about our mistakes instead let them see us become more successful in life.

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