Five Card Story: The Time Ginger went on A Trip

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Today is a big day. Today is Ginger's big day. Today is the day that Ginger is going in the car with her owner. Today is the day for a road trip. Mary and her cat named Ginger had a very big day planned, they were going to go to the hair salon, that's pet friendly, so Mary could get her hair done. They also planned to go to the park. I know it is uncommon for cats to go to a park but let's just say they were going to a cat park. They started off their morning by going to get a coffee and on their way to the cafe, Mary saw another cat just like Ginger in an apartment building window as they drove by. They arrived to the hair salon and Ginger got her treat and Mary walked up to her chair they started on her highlights. After an hour and a half or so the hair stylist finished up Mary's hair and it was time for lunch. As they were leaving the hair salon Mary saw from the reflection from the window that her car needed a wash. On the way to the car wash Mary saw an orange car in front of them and said to Ginger, "That car is the same color as you, haha." Ginger had a few treats and Mary ate her lunch and they finished off their day by relaxing at the park ad looking up and admiring the clouds.

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