Five Card Story: Sigmund Freud Story about the idea of self

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In 1885–86 he spent most of a year in Paris.

He became profoundly fascinated by the work of Jean Charcot, a French neurologist, who used hypnotism at the time to treat hysteria and other pathological mental illnesses.

Freud encountered hypnosis when he returned to Vienna, but noticed that its beneficial effects were not permanent.

Freud 's work with Breuer formulated and established the view that many neuroses originated in profoundly traumatized encounters in the history of the patient, now forgotten — hidden from consciousness.

The treatment allowed the patient to remember the experience, to confront it intellectually , emotionally and profoundly, and to release the experience, to remove the underlying psychological causes of neurotic symptoms. The treatment This technique and its theory was classically articulated in the Hysteria Studies, published jointly by Freud and Breuer in 1895.

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