Five Card Story: My walk home

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This day wasn't like any other because I had to walk home from school. My brother would usually take me home, but he had to stay after school for a project. I took the long way home because why not. I passed a small bakery and I could just smell all the delicious food that was inside. It was like a dream. Then I came by the abandoned part of town. I've been here once with my friends, but I got in trouble because my mother says it dangerous with the old buildings. I could see the stones crumbling under the weight of buildings and the bugs crawling between the cracks. Than I came across the nice part of town that had cookie cutter houses. I never liked these types of house and how they were all identical. I seemed a little creepy to to me. Next, came an open space. I was more familiar with this big field because it's where I came to clear my head. This very field is one of my favorite places. It's silent and you can almost hear the wind talking to you. Than came my house, in the middle of nowhere. It's a nice house, but I wish I lived closer to my friends. It was the end of my walk and I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Maybe, just maybe I should do it more often.

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