Five Card Story: that day

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the day had just started its about 8:30 we are sitting at the park well me and my friend at least. we are waiting for his girlfriend to show up so we can go downtown and just chill together because its been a few years since we actually got to see each other. as we sit there he asks what time it was even tho he just looked at his phone and me being the good friend i just reply "you just looked at your phone two seconds dude chill out shell be here." while we sit there he sees this really beautiful purple flower so he goes to grab it. as he does i see his girl walk around the corner and look me dead in the eyes and just stands there than she waves me over before he come back. as i get over there shell pulls me out of the way of the cameras that are sitting on the back side of the building so i am little confused. she just says "ssshhhh" to me than we just stand there staring for like one min. in one second of my friend getting back which we could both see bithis back was to us he calls my phone.we than pretend i missed than call than she grabs my hand and pull sme toward the street where we than full sprint to the library where we meet two of her friends and she than explains the whole thing to me in the expedent way...

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