Five Card Story: Distraction

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I have worked my entire life trying to make life better for myself. I have never been the smartest person so I never did good in school. I ended up dropping out of high school and became a waiter at a local restaurant. I worked as hard as possible but I always get distracted with everything around me. One day at the restaurant I made my final mistake, I had misplaced too many orders today. There was too much to focus on at once, I would always focus on the latest order and the people who ordered an hour ago would never get their food. My boss walked up to me while I had just taken another person’s order.
He said,”Come on man this is the 5th complaint about people not getting their food today. I’m sorry but we are going to have to fire you.” I was heartbroken. I have worked at this restaurant for 3 years now. This was the only way I could support myself since my parents kicked me out.
I spent the rest of the day worrying and stressing about how I’m going to eat and pay bills. I was a mess of emotion and stress. That’s when a commercial on the TV popped up. They said, “We are looking for some new employees at the DCW bus station. You must be 18 or older and have a driver’s license to apply. We hope to see you there, and thank you.” I immediately started getting ready to go apply. In minutes I was on my way there.
When I walked in some of the nicest people I have ever met greeted me saying, “Well hello, are you here for a job or for a bus pass?”
I replied saying, “Hi I’m here for the job opening do I have to fill out an application or what?”
“Just come with me and we can interview you immediately.” she said invitingly. I followed her into a backroom where there was a stern looking man with glasses. We had a brief talk about the specifications of the job.
Once the interview was done he told me he would call me the next day to tell me if I got the job. Now that I have applied for this job this phone call was the only thing that I was stressing about.
The next day I had got the call that I had been waiting for. I got the job! They told me that I could start driving the bus today in a couple hours. I made sure to look my best and have the best attitude I possibly can. Once I got done getting ready I headed back to the bus station and they showed me which bus I will be driving that day. I got on the bus and it looked outdated and kind of musty on the inside. But the outside was a bleach white with the company name on the front. I had the bus route on my dash and my schedule on my left window. I had 10 minutes to settle in and after that I was on my way to my first stop. This was the beginning of a new start.
I did everything accordingly and everything was perfect until my very last stop. A kid that was holding a yellow flower and wearing a blue backpack and their mother got onto the bus. I started driving away from the stop and a couple seconds later as I was passing the old library the kid walked up to the front of the bus.
The kid said, “Thank you for driving me sir.” and handed me the flower. This made me so happy and I started to thank her when everyone on the bus lurched forward. I had taken my eyes off the road and I ran a red light and hit a car that was going through.
I was in the hospital for the next week and when I finally got out I had found out the kid who gave me the flower had died in the crash. This destroyed me. I later contacted the mother crying and apologizing to her. We had a long conversation and she told me the kid’s funeral would be tomorrow.
The next day I got up after staying up all night, thinking about what happened. I got dressed in a suit and tie and walked to the graveyard. There were many people there crying and mourning.
After the funeral I placed the yellow flower on the grave and left crying only to return every year with a new yellow flower for the kid.

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