Five Card Story: "Here we go again." - an AMC's "The Walking Dead" short story.

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A pack of walkers surround the barbed wire fence, their inhuman smell lingering in the air. The sound of the clinking metal, and the growls of the undead, struck fear into Freddies heart. Before all of this, Freddie was in his freshman year of high school in atlanta. He often recollects the times when he was an outcast. He never fit into one “Group”, but he didn't seem to care as much as he did back then, it’s probably because the walkers don’t care if you were an outcast in high school, they’ll think you're delicious no matter what. A loud snap broke his trance, and he turned to see the walkers pouring into the alleyway. They Had broken the fence with their immense force, and didn’t seem to even take notice. He ran as far as he could, but didn’t seem to make any distance between him and the undead. He saw a cheap motel, and instinctively ran straight for it. He could only hope that there were no walkers in the motel. He busted through the door, and luckily, no one was home. He closed the door just in time to miss being the dinner special. As soon as he locked it, the walkers broke the window, causing glass shards to scatter across the ground. They started to pile in through the window, leaving Freddie with no weapon. But he couldn't die yet, so he grabbed a shard of glass from the floor. He ran to the back door, and threw it open. There were about 4 walkers in the alleyway behind the motel, so he took them out, and ran around the back. That's when he saw the walkers ignoring the motel, leaving him to wonder what for. A cop car turned the corner, and the loud PA system echoed,”Get in now, or else i'll leave you here. He entered the vehicle, and they drove. Apparently, the guy was the police chief, at least that's what he said. He lent Freddie some guns and ammo, and sent him on his way. He went back to scavenging and surviving as his daily schedule. He’d remember his family and pets, and wonder if they’d survived. He’d remembered seeing some of his old friends from school, and feeling lonely. He made his way to the highway, where he’d planned to scavenge that day. He came across a car that had barely any dust on it, which was abnormal. He made his why to the drivers side of the car, and in the window was a note that read,”We have snipers aimed at you.” he thought very little of it, and it was probably a stunt someone made so that people wouldn't steal the car. The keys were missing, but the car was unlocked, leaving him to try and hotwire the car. As soon as he opened the front panel, he felt something touch the side of his head. He then heard someone say,”Get out, or i'll shoot.”

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