Five Card Story: New Found Friend

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There were three friends that were out at a park. They were exploring and having a good time and one friend wanted to go out past the fence of the park. There was even a sign that said "Private Property Beyond This Point" but he went anyway. As the friends crossed over the fence they saw a beautiful horse that was by itself in a green pasture. No owner was in sight, not even a barn. The two friends following behind the one who jumped the fence were hesitant to be near the horse. The one friend, Billy, went right up to the horse with much caution and started to pet the horse. The horse started to back away but eventually realized Billys' kindness and allowed it to happen. Billy insisted on riding it so the other friends started to head home back to the beach house they were staying in. Billy started to ride the horse all around town. They take it past his school to show off where they are a lot of crosswalks. He wanted to show all his friends his newfound horse. Since they live in Florida it was easy to find a beach nearby. They road all the way to the beach to watch the sunset where he met back up with his friends. There he was talking to his friends and said how he was not coming back and was taking his new horse on a cross country trip on the open road. So his friends brought Billy and his horse the necessary supplies to get them through and they were off!

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