Five Card Story: Uncovering the Road Lost

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One day Dave was looking through some old photos of his family and found a very intriguing black and white photo of his grandfather, that has been gone for a few years. This photo caught Dave's attention simply because of the intent of his grandfather to go exploring. On the back of the photo, he found all of these places his grandfather went because of his walk around the city.

Dave thought it would be an honor to his grandfather if he did some exploring and research on his own. He found that he went to a church that was not quite as popular as it once was. The architecture at the top of the building was breathtaking and so detailed it made Dave wonder how his grandfather came about this unique structure. He explored downtown and found the old factory building that was once a popular place to work because they made everything cooking and baking. His last stop would be this old apartment building that looked like it was straight out of the 70s. Little did he know his grandfather's old war buddy used to live in this building, and this is also where his grandfather would come to play cards once a month.

Even though his grandfather had been gone a number of years, Dave appreciated his grandfather and his love of adventure and curiosity. Qualities he hoped he would continue.

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