Five Card Story: A Ride Home

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a Five Card Flickr story by Veronica Morelos created Feb 08 2021, 12:48:28 am. Create a new one!

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I usually go to mass every Sunday at 8 am, but this Sunday felt different. Even though I had attended the same church for the past 10 years I don't think I've ever paid any attention to the design on the window all the way in the front. I did not put too much thought into it but I knew something was definitely off once mass was over and I had to return home. Instead of stepping out to the snow, my face got warm from the sun. The first thing that caught my attention was this beautiful orange Lily. I asked myself how this could be possible but once again I let it go. I then proceeded to get on my bike and go home. I had been riding my bike for thirty minutes when I realized I should have been home twelve minutes ago. It got harder to ride my bike and soon I noticed I was in the middle of no where, rocks everywhere, and mountains or hills. I was no longer in the city. I kept going on foot since it had gotten too difficult to ride my bike and soon after I had reached a cemetery. For some reason I could not read any names on the headstones even though I do not need glasses. Then there it was. My name on the biggest headstone around. I screamed with fear, but that only allowed me to wake up.

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