Five Card Story: john's week. and mine too

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On Monday, we walked down the street. On Tuesday, we saw purple flowers. On Wednesday, we stood on the bridge and looked at the buildings. On Thursday, we had a meta moment taking a picture of a picture being taken. On Friday, we went to a bar to see a poet.

That's the easy, short way to say things. Here's it again, but with a little more detail. Nowhere near enough.

On Monday, John asked me if I wanted to go get lunch. I said yes, but I was very nervous. Of course I was. It was John. But I went, and we had a great time. He took me to his favorite coffee shop on Main Street and we enjoyed the nice weather.

On Tuesday, he brought me to his garden. His favorite plants were his lilacs, and he shared them with me. I brought some home. Thank you, John.

On Wednesday, I brought him to the bridge. It was just the right time of night to take pictures, and I know he likes to do that. He was very happy. He looked at me and thanked me from bringing him. You're welcome, John.

On Thursday, he brought me to the center of town. There was an event and lots of photographers were there. He always thinks it's funny to take pictures of pictures, so that's what he did. He has no pictures of the event, just pictures of people taking pictures. He likes the irony.

On Friday, I realized we had spent the whole week together. And neither of us didn't like that. (The double negative makes it easier to think about - I'm not sure how I feel. And then I think about how I don't know what he feels - we don't have to get into it.) On Friday I showed him where I work as a barista. My friend was at the mic reading her newest series of poems. They were about her mother. John smiled at me. And I smiled back.

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