Five Card Story: Teachers Should Be Paid More

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Introduction (Pic 1): All around the world, teachers work day in and day out to fit the needs of hundreds of students, every year. In doing so, they face not only occupational responsibilities, but also emotional and personal responsibilities as well. Teaching kids is only the beginning fo what many teachers have to do, and they also tend to make many sacrifices in the process.

Pic 2: They often face long commutes to work, as they can live far away from the town in which they teach. This consumes money to pay for gas and other motor vehicle-related expenses.

Pic 3: They also often use up more of their free time to help the school facilitate their after-school extracurricular activities. This can include things such as the band, drama program, and other clubs and activities. This means that many teachers spend a majority of their day at school, sometimes stretching to a span of anywhere between 8 and 10 or even more hours at school spent per day.

Counterargument (Pic 4): However, many may argue that teachers understand the fact that teaching won't be a piece of cake, and that they already understand the risks before they go into the profession, so they shouldn't be paid more just for taking a job. However, in taking that job, teachers essentially take several jobs. They are an educator, a parent/authority figure for kids away from home, a person to go to for advice, an employee, and so much more. In taking on all of these responsibilities, many inside and outside of the education field feel that many teachers are not being paid enough for the amount of work and responsibilities they face not only as an employee to a facility, but also as a member of society overall.

Conclusion (Pic 5): So therefore, it is time that we begin giving teachers more "greenbacks" so that they can be paid for all of the responsibilities they tackle, as well as helping them pay off their life's regular expenses. It is beyond time to make sure that teaching is a well-paying and stable job for any and all people that decide to undertake it. In doing so, I think that it will be beneficial to society in several ways. Not only will teacher be able to make their way of life better, but many other people may also be encouraged to become teachers, leading to less of a shortage of teachers in some areas, which in turn benefits the students and makes sure they have a full and complete education from their school.

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