Five Card Story: Five Card Story: History: Crucial Factor for Human Civilization

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Introduction (Pic. 1)

As obsolete historical artifacts can be, it holds pieces of history that people from all eras can look back to for reference and guidance.

(Pic. 2)

History tells a lot about the success and failures of mankind. History unites us and creates a common ground regardless of different walks of life, religion, ethnicity and socioeconomic status. No one can tell a better story of mankind other than History and we should take time to marvel at the stories it tells us since it's almost limitless of possible tales to share.


We can learn about historical figures from the past. We can understand their significance as well as their failures and we can use their experience to make ours better. We learn better from the mistakes of others.

Counterargument (Pic.4)

Some say that history is outdated and we are better people than those from the past. In addition, some eras in history are so dark that we should blot it out and replace it with good things from that time frame. Robert E. Lee was a notorious man for his contribution in the American Civil War as a General of the Confederate Army. In addition, Adolf Hitler was responsible for the death of 6 million Jews and caused World War II. It would be reasonable to get rid of that dark and negative aspect of History because of how gruesome and horrible it was. As a result, most people these days seek to erase that part of history by getting rid of statues and monuments that display notorious historical figures.

Conclusion (pic. 5)

History seems to have a good side and a bad side. Good, because it shows the success of mankind and how much they can contribute to society with their ideas and inventions. Bad, because mankind can also come up with the most sinister ideas and can result in hurting countless lives and spread ideologies like a virus. However, regardless of the severity of history, we are the same humans that we read about in history books, and by their experience, it helps us live together as humans and to enjoy the environment that we live in through understanding one another and seeking common ground.

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