Five Card Story: Act Like Children1

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1. (Counterargument)
In life, people are often advised to be adults. Being an adult means leaving your childhood behind, becoming independent, self-sufficient, and responsible. At 18 years of age, a legal adult can vote, give informed consent, get married without their parents' permission, and receive capital punishment for committing a heinous crime. Socially, most adults hold down jobs, have families, pay their own bills, and make their own decisions. Psychiatrist Eric Berne theorized that people need to be adults, unemotional and rational, in everyday interactions to communicate better and avoid conflict. All in all, being an adult means being in control of your life, making it safe and predictable, so that you are not emotional, irresponsible, needy, helpless, like a child lost in the vast woods of life.

2. (Introduction)
But, while being an adult has its benefits, giving you the means to live, being a child is what really gives you life. A child is not afraid of getting his hands dirty. A child does not care what anyone thinks of her. After a fall, a child throws a fit, then gets up and moves on.

3. Where adults often spend their time being preoccupied with the daily operations of life, children often spend their time dreaming about life. Where adults could look up at the sky in the evening and see nighttime approaching, children could look up at the sky and imagine dragons and unicorns living in multicolored clouds in a timeless universe.

4. If you were to take photographs of the most precious moments of your life, you would not see many of yourself getting to work on time, paying the bills, or being anxious about failures. Instead, you would see yourself wearing a bright orange miniskirt to church and not caring what anybody thought. You would see yourself getting dirty in the sandbox with your children. You would see yourself taking a chance at getting married again!

5. (Conclusion)
So, in life, while people must be adults and attend to business, they should be advised to act like children.

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