Five Card Story: The World In Time

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Introduction (Pic 1):

Most major corporations use countless pounds of plastic in order to make and distribute their products. Companies such as Coca-Cola use endless amounts of plastic, from the container that holds their beverage to the plastic wrapped around the cans to keep them together.

(Pic 2):

Now, when we think of how the world works and the necessities a human needs, the first thing that comes to mind is oxygen. Oxygen is a priority in order for us humans to stay alive, but where does this oxygen come from? Backed by science, us humans get our oxygen from the plants that engulf our world. Through a scientific process known as photosynthesis, these plants turn carbon dioxide, what we breathe out, and turn it into oxygen, what we breathe in.

(Pic 3):

Earth is a beautiful place where various different plants grow everyday and coexists in harmony. However, with so much use of plastic and no where to put it, it can endanger our world. Certain areas that used to be covered in plants are slowly regressing, turning into small patches of grass with very skinny trees. Trees that were planted hundreds of years ago do not exist anymore as they have been cut down in order to make certain products for these companies.

Counterargument (Pic 4):

But does using all of this plastic and cutting down these trees actually beneficial at all? Maybe it makes these companies perform better financially, but is that all that matters? Is money the only motive to us humans on Earth? Look at the world now, is it in any shape to last another couple of centuries? At this rate, will humans even be able to see the year 4000? With all the pollution engulfing our skies from all these massive factories who constantly release horrible gasses and plastic consumption becoming a major problem, how long until we are left without plants? How long until the world is simply a grey sky consisting of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases?

Conclusion (Pic 5):

I can tell you now, in 20 years, we will look back and wish we have done things better. In 20 years, those companies who harmed the world with all the plastic will wonder why so much plastic was needed. Theories will arise on how things could have been done differently in order to prevent certain outcomes that soon will become inevitable. Before you know it, plastic will become the main reason our world and ecosystem is in shambles. Due to finding the cheapest material in order to maximize profits, our world will come to an ultimate end with no turning back. But you know what they say, "hind sight is 20/20."

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