Five Card Story: The dream you cant escape

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a Five Card Flickr story by Alexys created Mar 18 2021, 07:26:30 pm. Create a new one!

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It was a cold , gloomy morning. I had just woken up, earlier than usual. It was 9am and I was exhausted but a strange noise kept coming from my window. I got out of my extremely comfortable bed to go see what it was and it was kind of dark outside. I turned on the lights in my room to see what the object was. It was a multi colored crayon flag. I looked down to see who was holding the flag but the string was attached to and the string kept going for miles. I got some warmer clothes on and decided to follow the string. After following it for a while, I walked past what felt like a bunch of random metal fences I've never seen before. The end of the tunnel had a golden orb like thing shining at the end of it. It was the biggest most beautiful thing I've ever seen and on the walls in huge letters was plastered ,“ you’re the chosen one”. I turned around and all of the sudden I woke up in my bed again to the noise and the flag still on my window and I thought to myself, “ am I dreaming?” I got up to go ask my mom if she was hearing the same noise and she only said to me, “ go back to sleep it 8 in the morning”. I heard the noise coming from my mom's window too and the flag was still there. I put the warm clothes on and ran to the tunnel only to find the same thing. I was so confused then everything changed. It was dark and cold and I opened my eyes to find myself back in my bed again. What is going on?

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