Five Card Story: We should respect anyone regardless of their age or illness.

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Introduction Pic(1) All around the world people are expected to follow their countries or nations moral values. Sometimes, people doesn’t bother to explain what is what but at the end of the day you learn the values of the nation that you play a role of.

Pic(2) People also often drive and driving has its own moral values. We are expected to follow those moral values but if no one teaches us how can we learn those and that makes up a big problem for new drivers to get used to it.
Pic(3) Even some of the values that we come across to is determined by the courts meaning some things that we see as moral values are also in the constitution but is it really necessary.

Pic(4) Moral values are not only the things that we say or do in our civil life it must be necessary in professional life as well so, if someone is sick or has issue they must be calmed and relaxed. - During February I learned that my father is cancer and what the doctor did was you have a cancer be careful so professional life also needs moral values.

Pic (5) especially to our elderly we must act morally and even if they are wrong or sick and they sometimes can not understand and see from our perspective but we must respect them because of their elderliness and their experience on our society.

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