Five Card Story: The last leg

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It is off to the races! Race to the finish line, that is.
At the top of my mind (as probably yours too) is to make it to May 2022 - graduation time.
The 5 pictures tell a story about my journey to a docotoral degree.
First, I mentally prepared myself for the long journey by convincing myself that I am a rockstar and can do this. After, consulting with my family and mentors to get the needed support, I enrolled in a PhD program. I was off to the races.
Second, I encountered a slight swerve in the road. A new position and move to Richmond halted the race to the finish line.
Third, I stumbled upon the EdD program signposting and suddenly felt re-energized to start the race once again.
Fourth, the EdD program felt like a breath of fresh air although bumpy at times, however not alone because a cohort of classmates was always alongside for support and encouragement.
Lastly, I look forward to May 2022 where I see myself reflecting on my accomplishments and looking out from the inside to find someone who I can mentor in order to pay it forward.

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