Five Card Story: I Don't Wanna do This

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There once was a group of friends that lived in the middle of downtown Chicago where there's bars across all the windows and most of the windows are broken. Every night they would drive their gray truck with the license plate number of WMK-8974 to get dinner at their favorite restaurant. Two of them were bald and 3 of them had beards. One night they decided to take a road trip to Arizona because none of them had ever left the state of Illinois. They started driving very early on Friday morning somehow all fitting into one truck. They had 3 people in the cab and the other two in the bed of the truck laying down very uncomfortably under the bed cover. It took them 40 hours to get there because they had to keep stopping. They would rotate who would be in the bed of the truck every 8 hours. They did this until they got there early Sunday morning. After they finally got there they were all starving so they stopped at a restaurant to get food. It was a small Mexican restaurant they had never heard of before and assumed it was local. They went inside and sat down and ate. When they left the restaurant they started driving around looking for something to do. While they were driving around they saw a sign for a mountain. It was called 4 peaks mountain and it was made up of red rock. They decided to go and hike to one of the 4 peaks. They got to the mountain hiked to the top of browns peak which is the tallest one of the four. After that they realized Arizona is really boring and decided to go drive back to chicago. On the way home they saw a animal.

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