Five Card Story: Runaway Dad

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One day I was woken up by a loud buzz from my doorbell on my apartment door. I walked downstairs to find my Dad that I haven’t talked to since he left my mom and I when I was just four years old. We talked for a while before he asked to go on a hike with me just to catch up. I said yes because I had so many questions to ask him. After about 30 minutes of me going back up to my room and getting ready we left. When we got to the mountains after a two hour drive I was ready to stretch my legs and start walking. The hike took about four hours to get to the top of the mountain. We sat and ate an early dinner and watched the sunset. I asked why he left us and he said that he got an opportunity in a different country and he took it to try to better our family. Then, I asked why he never came back until now and he said that his life was just so much better there than it was with our family. He claimed that life was so much cheaper there and he got remarried and had two more kids. Then we started hiking down the mountain and we drove home. When we got home he asked me if I wanted to come live with him and his other family in Spain. I went with my gut and told him no because he just left my mom and I without any explanation which left us so confused for so many years. I explained to him how my mom and I made it without him and that I couldn’t leave my like this after how much she had done for me with him gone. He answered and said that he understands where I am coming from and gave me his phone number. Then he left again.

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