Five Card Story: Shreeky Shack

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flickr photo credits: (1) Rachel Smith (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) shareski (5) Serenae

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Hi I’m Peyton and I am going to tell you the story about how me and my two best friends survived a haunted house. I live in a small town in Texas by the ocean. Everyday I walk home from school with my two friends Natalie and Leah. We always walk past this one haunted house that everyone calls shreeky shack. I don’t think there is an owner reading off of the long yellow bushy grass. The house is old and I think it has to be at least 200 years old. A couple days ago we were walking home from school when we smelt this awful smell almost like death. Then we heard a loud BANG that made us all jump.
“It came from the shreeky shack”, said Leah.
“It's fine guys it was probably a bird or something”, olivia said
We kept walking and just tried not to think about it and just focus on the fact that it was finally Friday! Natalie asked Leah and I if we wanted to spend the night at her house because she had something important to tell us. Once we got to her house she took us up to her room and began to tell us that lately people have been seeing and hearing things in shreeky shack. Leah then said that we should go explore it that night. Natalie said her mom would never let them go there at night so we should wait until the next morning. I agreed with her because I was really tired and I didn’t feel like going anywhere.
The next Morning we all got ready and we started walking to Shreeky Shack. We were all a little nervous because we didn't know what would happen. When we got there we walked in and we made Leah go first. Nothing really happened for about an hour. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere we heard something fall in the room next to us. We immediately got scared and wanted to run out of the house but we decided to walk in the room with the noise. We saw nothing. As we began to run out of the house we noticed something chasing us. We ran into a lot of different rooms, and hallways running away from this creature. We don’t exactly know what it was so we didn’t know how to react. We finally saw the front door and ran out into the warm sunny day. The creature followed us out and when we finally got too tired to stop running we turned around and saw a cute little puppy. We then saw a rainbow in the sky and realized we were scared for nothing. The puppy just wanted friends. The End.

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flickr photo credits: (1) Rachel Smith (2) bionicteaching (3) bionicteaching (4) shareski (5) Serenae

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