Five Card Story: On my way to school

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It was early in the morning. I was riding my bike- that I've had for many years- to the coffee shop on my way to school. I was wearing my uniform which consisted of a polo shirt and slacks. Thank goodness we had a choice between pants or a skirt. The thought about wearing a skirt in this weather made me shutter. Turning down the road I had to come to an abrupt stop right outside of a big brick apartment building because the friendly neighborhood cat was lying in the middle of the sidewalk. I swiftly got off my bike to pet the cat I learned earlier this week was named “Libby”. Libby purred into my palm with content. I told her I had to leave as I got back on my blue bicycle and made my way down the road again. Many left and many rights later I arrived outside the infamous coffee house. I hopped off my bike with glee and parked it right outside the tall stone structure. I hear the little bell ring as I open the door. It's pretty empty inside, perusal, a man sat on a tall stool working on their laptop seemingly deep in thought. The other was a women duo who I assume was mother and daughter. Walking up to the counter I was greeted with my favorite Italian man. He memorized my order within the first three times I was there. I'm guessing this place doesn't get many customers. That's why I'm honored to be one of the regulars. I hopped on the counter watching him make my latte. I was earlier than usual today so I had extra time before school to sit and chat. Mark, the Italian man I mentioned earlier, handed me my coffee with a beautiful design on top. Taking a sip of the hot beverage made me sigh in satisfaction. This was my favorite part of the day. It was peaceful.

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