Five Card Story: Last day of summer

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a Five Card Flickr story by Kaden Sanger created Aug 19 2021, 08:57:59 pm. Create a new one!

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As the summer came to a close and we were on are way back to school tomorrow I went over to spend the day with my grandma. It was a very very warm day out side and so me and my grandma went to the beach. On are way we saw many bill boards but one stuck out to me the most. It was about god and I was starting to think about my faith and i realized I should do my daily bible study. As we arrive to the beach it was very crowded but we were there all day and the sunset was beautiful that day I did not want to go home. but it was getting dark and so we had to head home. As we take the long roads home it started to rain and how I love the sound of rain on the window. It got me thinking about what school was going to be like tomorrow I mean it was my first day of high school. School can not be that bad though as I thought to my self. As we are taking the curvy roads my grandma asks me if I want to get food and I said sure and so we stopped at a Chick Fil A. as we got are food I could not wait to get home but we still had a 10 minute tell we were home. As we take the final curve into my grandmas drive way i could just not wait to eat I was very hungry. We go in side and eat then my grandma said she had a surprise for me. She made me my favorite cookies. They were sugar cookies with frosting and a jam filling. They were super good. Then it was time for me to go my parents pick me up and I go home and get ready for bed exited for school tomorrow. I go to bed at like 11 and then my very fun summer had ended.

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