Five Card Story: Downtown

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Hi, my name is Jaquice Buntavis, I’ve lived in Downtown Chicago for about 2 months now. My parents moved down here for work and I don’t really know why they would need to work in Chicago when they work at home. The new school is way worse then when I was living in the richest parts of Los Altos. I don’t even know how to focus in school when there is worms coming out of the tile in the building. Even the bathrooms are bad, follow up even the ladys bathrooms are bad! Now i’m not saying I’ve been in the ladys room but I have heard of such. I don’t even know how to eat lunch in this school without getting a rare disease. I can’t even walk in the hallways peacefully without getting called “rich kid” or “spoiled” and you know what maybe I am. I have made a friend though, his names Travis. He said he grew up on the south side of chicago. He gets in trouble almost everyday for some stupid small misdemenour. I feel bad for him, he never did have a dad. I also heard his mother is a troubling woman. Everyones been in a bad nieghborhood, but having to live in one is even worse. I used to be the king of the world and now I feel like a peasant in a hole without a rope to get out. It could be worse and I think I just have to appreciate what i’ve made with my life so far. I’m just glad to finally have a friend in this city. Let me tell you though, as soon as I can I am getting out of this city and back to california. Thanks for listening to me rant about my problems. In conclusion, appreciate what you have because others may have less.

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