Five Card Story: The Bloody Bike Ride

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The Bloody Bike Ride

It all started on the dark path to Tennessee. Derrick and his mom Sheri were all alone moving from one state to the other. They came across this path that was very black and vacant, no one in sight but the sound of the rustling leaves and the tires rumbling on the dirt path. Sheri was driving her big Tahoe, while Derrick was sound asleep in the passenger seat with his air pods in his ears. Sheri recently got in a divorce with Derricks dad Phil. She was feeling a little tired thinking about her long lonely drive across the state. Soon she comes across a little town named Garthens. On the driver's side there was a very outdated brick building that is 5 stories high, with the sight that someone was living at the top story. Sheri woke Derrick up so he could see the old town and its features. As soon as he looked up he saw a large man looking through the window with blood running down his chin. He looked away right as he saw it, he was a bit frightened of the sight but eventually fell back asleep. 30 mins later they arrived at their new house just north of Garthens called Lone Tree. Sheri and Derrick were happy to finally get out of the car after their long 10 hour drive. Knowing no one, the neighbors are having an annual block party with tons of people. The kind neighbors offer their support with moving in and welcome the family of two into their small town. They finished moving in all their boxes about an hour later. They are both very tired and decide to get some rest for the night. The next morning Sheri and Derrick wanted to get to know the town of Lone tree better so they decided to go on a long bike ride. Heading back north a few miles, they end up being back in Gardens, seeing the welcome sign on the side of the path that welcomed them in was a bit scary for Derrick. They ended up running into the old outdated apartment at the end of the block. Outside was the scary man that stood in the window when they drove by for the first time. Sheri the mother never saw him but Derick did. He gets off his bike and starts running the opposite direction, Sheri gets startled and is confused about what's going on. She bolts after him on her bike, soon after the man starts running in the same direction. In the end we will never know what happened to all of them but remember the blood running down the old man's chin wan't a normal thing.

The End

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