Five Card Story: Dave´s home

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a Five Card Flickr story by Adam K. created Aug 19 2021, 09:23:28 pm. Create a new one!

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Once upon a time there was a guy named Dave, all Dave wanted was to find a home. So he left his family farm to find one. At first Dave wanted to live in the Jungle, so he went far away and admired the beautiful landscape of massive trees and amazing wildlife. However, Dave soon learned why not many settled the Jungle. It was dangerous, the same wildlife that he admired so desperately wanted to take advantage of him. As for the trees that towered over him, they provided little protection from the rain. So Dave decided to move to the Big City, the exact opposite of where he was before. Sadly, Dave was stumped yet again by the fact that the Big City was loud and expensive, opportunity ran rampant. However, violence outran it. So Dave tried, he tried to fit in. Work a simple office job, drink coffee, and go to bed. There was something Dave didn't like about this place either, it was too much, it was mundane. Then Dave left to go to the Beach, he thought that the waves would be amazing to surf. The sun would be nice on his face, he could cruise to the Beach in a nice little sporty car. However, the things he thought he would like came back to bite him. He found that his nice tan turned into a sunburn, and the waves he liked to surf, liked to smash the coast with massive Tsunamis. So now Dave was off to the Suburbs, he thought that the balanced experience would be nice. He could work where he wanted when he wanted to work there. While the pros were less numerous, so were the cons. That was a good thing to Dave, all he wanted to do was have a nice simple lifestyle. Then thoughts crept into his mind, thoughts about moving just a little farther, out to a farm. Then he realized how much he missed his family, even though they weren't exciting. They were special to him, so he moved back to the Farm. Home at last, Dave had found what he was looking for right where he started.

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