Five Card Story: the shadow figures

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a Five Card Flickr story by Lily created Aug 19 2021, 09:21:57 pm. Create a new one!

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I was driving down the long narrow road. It was dark outside. It smelt like rain. There was no light except for the flickering street light and the end of the road. It was dark. You can hear the wind running through the trees. The road seemed to last forever. I continued driving for a couple of miles when I came to a small town. It reminded me of radiator springs from the movie cars. I saw this man. He was sitting there. Alone and cold. He sat still. I sat in my car watching him for a while. The wind started to pick up more. The smell of rain went away. The man looked up at me, his face as pale as snow. He had the look of fear in his eyes. I wanted to help him. But I couldn't. I kept driving. Looking back at him every 5 seconds. He lifted his head slowly and watched me drive away. I drove for a while, thinking about him, Talking to myself. ¨What can I do to help him? Why was his face so pale? He looked like he needed help. Should I go back and help him?” I was thinking about turning around, but out of nowhere there was a tall brick wall.
I woke up the next day, unaware of what just happened the night before. I was in a building, a tall yellow building. I saw the man that I was thinking about yesterday hovering over me. His eyes are wide. Face still pale. I asked him how he was doing and all he responded with was ``Run” I was confined. “What do you mean run?¨
“Something is coming and you are in no shape to handle this.¨
¨what do you mean? I don't understand at all. I need more information!¨
¨ no more information! Now run!¨ he yelled at me
I was leaving town when I saw a whole bunch of weird figures in the distance. I heard the man yell from behind me, ¨the zombies have arrived!!¨

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