Five Card Story: The Ranch in Baton Rouge

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The Ranch in Baton Rouge
Down in Baton Rouge, Louisiana Rick and his son Finland own a 440 acre ranch. On this farm they have cattle, chicken, goats, and a Lot of corn and alfalfa. One day a tornado hit the ranch destroying pretty much all of it. The barn was scattered across the ground and a lot of their livestock had died. Finland's school found out that this had happened and got over 200 people to help rebuild all of the structures that were torn down. And in just a month all of the farm structures were up and back in business. The next morning Rick went to another ranch down south and got about 150 cows to start selling and making profit. And by spring the corn had all grown back and it was time to start harvesting. Finland was running one of the harvesters along the corn field and noticed that something was wrong. The tractor was moving relatively slow so he figured that he could jump out and take a look at what the problem was. He hopped out and realised that a big strange looking rock was stuck in the harvester blades. This has happened before but this time was different. It was as if the rock was from some sort of cave deep underground. Baffled Finland tries to reach into the blades to try and grab the rock. Finland was wearing long sleeves and the blades caught onto the long sleeve and pulled him in. Finland was alone in the cornfield so nobody was around to help him. Rick came to check and see if he was ok but found Finland dead by the tractor. Rick called paramedics but it was already too late. A funeral was held for Finland two weeks later. The rocks he found in the blades belonged to a Massive underground cave system now called Finland’s cave. And that very rock still remains in the Baton Rouge State Museum.

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