Five Card Story: The Child

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Hey, my names timmy. im 8 Years old and i love cars! specifically hot wheels. ive always loved them, I even have the hot wheel of my dads stingray! one of my favorites. So, i thought because dad drove it around so much, i thought i would give it a go. I've been watching him drive for 6 years now, atleast from what i remember. what could go wrong?? So Timmy found his dads keys, hanging onto the black coat hanger at the entrance of his home. he tried to reach the gas pedal while he was sitting but he just barely couldnt reach, who needs to sit anyways right? I was driving down the highway when out of nowhere well guess my luck? a deer ran into the road and barely missed the front of my dads car! thank god, dad would have grounded me and took my toys away for a WEEK. As i was driving down the highway, i saw the beach entrance on my left hand side. "Sunrose Beach" it said. I took the left turn, but some guy honked at me while i was turning, im pretty sure i had the "way of right" or whatever its called. i parked the car to the northeast of the docks when as i put the stingray into park, i heard the sirens my dad always told me to fear, the blue and red flashing lights blinding me from behind, it was the police...

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