Five Card Story: Is college worth it?

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Introduction: When you go to college, you receive an education, gives you experience, life long friendships, and campus life. As well as job opportunities and specialized career paths.

Example 1: It is very traditional to go to college after high school. You’ll obtain an education for a prestigious, accredited institution. Experience new things, meet new people through clubs, sports, and campus life. And most importantly, better job opportunities and a stronger resume because of a college degree.

Example 2: If you choose not to go to college, you will miss out on a quality education. Life experiences through campus life, greek life, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. The significant loss however would be the degree, because you will have squander the chance at greater job opportunities, possible pay raises or promotions.

Counter argument: However, college is very expensive. Cost of tuition, room and board, and books will cost you thousands. School loans make it even worse. Interest rates increase and debt piles up; paying back student loans will take about 20 years.

Conclusion: Ultimately, college is a great experience. Receiving an education is never a bad or worthless feat. Knowledge lives forever. Campus life is an incredible experience. Meeting life long friends, joining clubs, fraternities/sororities, and playing sports whether its team or intramural. And once you get your degree, it will open doors for the future. Additionally, there are ways to cut the cost of college. Going to a two-year school then transferring will significantly reduce the cost of attendance. Filing for aid, scholarships, and grants, staying in state and commuting will also help.

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